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Pump Service and Repair in St. Augustine

Your Residential, Commercial and Industrial Pump Repair and Service Professionals
East Coast is your one-stop pump expert. All of our technicians are trained to arrive at you site and make a quick diagnosis of your pump or well problem and make the affordable repair you are looking for. If pump replacement is needed or desired we carry all sizes and models to better service our many customers.

Residential Pumps

Jet pump systems are used mainly in domestic household use and residential irrigation applications where a pressurized system or bladder tank is used. Jet pumps are designed to build higher pressures than centrifugal pumps. Our jet pumps are stronger and sturdier than the ones you’ll find in the big box stores. Plus, they can be rebuilt, adding even more value. We stock parts for all jet pump models, and can quickly and easily repair your existing jet pump should it be required.

Pond and Fountain Pumps

Pond and fountain pumps are a very important part of your pond maintenance system. These pump not only add to the aesthetics of your pond or lake, but more importantly, are essential for proper aeration that is vital for control of aquatic growth and over health of your pond. East Coast is very efficient in the diagnosis and repair of all pond and fountain pumps. We are staffed with two certified divers who can do repairs or clean intake screens without removal of fountain pumps from pond resulting in lower costs for the owners.

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are generally used in applications where high volume of water is required without the need for extremely high pressures. Centrifugal pumps come in all sizes and are widely used in the commercial and industrial market places. Centrifugal pumps are very easily maintained and repair is pretty strait forward due to their easy accessibility.

Pool Pumps

We can service, repair, or replace your pool pump. All we need is the make and HP of the pump and we can arrive at your site to repair or replace your pump as needed.


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